Environmental, Social & Governance Excellence

Living Our Purpose

We help our customers achieve their ESG goals by enhancing workplace safety and we embed this same commitment into our own business. Excellence in ESG performance fosters greater resiliency and adaptability, safeguards the value we’ve created, and builds a better business model—and a better world.

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ESG Report

Through our annual ESG Report, we benchmark our performance against key metrics, creating goals and charting a path to set ourselves, our environment, people, communities, investors, customers and partners up for a sustainable future. Developed using globally recognized reporting standards, the report discloses our progress and challenges — fully and transparently — at a time when ESG expectations continue to rise.

Modern Slavery Act Report

Forced labour and child labour are contrary to our corporate purpose, vision, and values. We are committed to helping prevent forced labour and child labour and human trafficking in all its forms and to act with integrity in all our business dealings. We recognize the importance of ethical and responsible business practices.

Our Values Drive Us Forward

The growth we have experienced and our expansion as a company has been guided by our commitment to our values. While our values are not new, in 2020, we took the time to formalize and share them. We embody them daily, preparing us all for even faster growth.

By living our values, we enhance the safety and success of our customers and their employees while driving our own organization’s culture forward.

Drive innovation
Tirelessly pursuing new and renewed products, processes and ideas, understanding that continuous improvement can be disruptive.
Be resilient
Facing the challenges before us, being curious about our potential, and starting from scratch when necessary.
Demonstrate leadership
Knowing that leadership is a behavior and not a position, and actively participating in our successes.
Go the extra mile
Channeling an entrepreneurial spirit and rolling up our sleeves to do the work, whatever the work.
Empowering people
Powering people and their potential is at the heart of our business — both in our mission to protect and save lives and in our day-to-day business operations.

Board of Directors

Blackline Safety’s Board of Directors provides strategic guidance to the company, sets policy direction, and ensures we are fairly reporting our progress and maintaining high ethical standards. The board consists of eight directors, with all Board committees led by independent directors. Our senior management team is charged with delivering significant growth while sustaining the financial and operational health of the company.

Cody Slater
Chief Executive Officer & Chair
Cheemin Bo-Linn
Lead Independent Director; Member, Governance and Nominating Committee
Jason Cohenour
Independent Director; Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee; Member, Compensation Committee
Brad Gilewich, CA
Independent Director; Member, Audit Committee; Member, Compensation Committee
Michael Hayduk, LLM, K.C.
Independent Director; Corporate Secretary; Member, Audit Committee; Member, Governance and Nominating Committee
Robert Herdman, FCA
Independent Director; Chair, Audit Committee
Barbara Holzapfel
Independent Director; Chair, Compensation Committee; Member, Governance and Nominating Committee

Executive Management Team

Blackline’s Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. Their responsibilities include overall conduct of the business and all operational matters, organisation of the company as well as allocation of resources, determination and implementation of strategies and policies. They are responsible for oversight, implementation, and audit of environmental, social and related policies.

Cody Slater
Chief Executive Officer & Chair
Sean Stinson
President & Chief Growth Officer
Brendon Cook
Chief Information Officer
Christine Gillies
Chief Product & Marketing Officer
Shane Grennan
Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Meyers
Chief Operating Officer
Meaghan Whitney
Chief People Officer


If you have questions about our ESG report or initiatives, reach out to esg@blacklinesafety.com

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